Review: Wildtalesof - 'We’re big fans of Prevelo’s Alpha Three'

June 19, 2017 1 min read

Review:  Wildtalesof - 'We’re big fans of Prevelo’s Alpha Three'

Bottom line: We’re big fans of Prevelo’s Alpha Three, and highly recommend it for riders ready to step up to a 20″ bike!
We love that all Prevelo Bikes feature easy to reach lever brakes. Hand brakes, as opposed to back pedaling coaster brakes, are easier and safer to use for kids. Especially as young kids are learning to ride and gaining confidence in their cycling abilities, coaster brakes actually inhibit progress.
Despite how many times you teach and remind most kids to handle their bike with care, they are still kids & tend to be hard on their belongings! Just as the Alpha Three is designed just for kids and their unique physical structure, a lot of consideration has been taken to create a bike that is “forgiving” to young riders. In addition to a tough body, the Alpha Three’s tires are also solid, and suitable for more than just sidewalks and roads.