We Partnered with Weber Pathways to Support their Trail Building Efforts in Utah

by Jacob Rheuban September 13, 2019

We Partnered with Weber Pathways to Support their Trail Building Efforts in Utah

When my wife Sarah and I started Prevelo Bikes, we made a decision that giving back was a core ethic of our business.  From our first year in business in 2017 we have been a member of 1% of the Planet, taking the pledge to give 1% of every sale to non-profits.  We're a small company with modest resources, but this giving means a lot to us.  It's at the foundation of why my wife and I dropped everything in our life to start a bike company.

We have been very fortunate and Prevelo is growing. This growth has filled Sarah and I with elation and gratefulness, and it also means the 1% is growing. So we have been on the lookout for new organizations to partner with.

Our customers helped point us in the right direction.  There's kids on bikes in utaha community of active mountain biking families in the Ogden, Utah area that we have been watching in awe. They are constantly posting pictures of their family rides on the trails. Their enthusiasm for getting kids on the trails is both awesome and humbling.  We had to find a way to show support for this community.  And we wanted to, in our own way, be a part of the community.

I spoke with one of the parents in the community and he introduced me to Weber Pathways, a trail building organization that builds and maintains many of the trails that the Ogden family riding community rides on.  We are impressed with the work that Weber Pathways is doing, and the sheer number of families that were enjoying their trails.  It took one short phone call with Weber Pathways for us to decide to sponsor them.

Weber Pathways is our newest 1% for the Planet non-profit partner.  We are stoked to have this opportunity to support Weber Pathways and the community of biking families in Ogden, Utah.  Thank you to Weber Pathways for the hard work that you do for the community!  And thank you to all of the families out there that inspire us everyday and remind Sarah and I why we do what we do!

If you are in the Ogden, Utah area and you enjoy the trails that Weber Pathways builds and maintains, please consider showing your own support by making a donation.

And if you are a business owner, please consider taking the 1% for the Planet pledge. There are many planets, but I cannot over state how important this one particular planet is to us.

About Weber Pathways

weber pathways


Weber Pathways' is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to plan, promote, construct, and protect non-motorized public trails and related open space in the greater Weber County, UT area.

Founded in 1995, Weber Pathways vision is to build trails that create a culture where all have places to walk, run and ride as they enjoy nature and connect with their neighbors in the greater Weber County area.

Weber Pathways has invested and advocated for building trails that improve the quality of life and economic vitality in the Weber County area. The success of the Weber River Parkway, Rail Trail, Northern Bonneville Shoreline Trail, the Pineview Loop Pathway and western portion of the Ogden River Parkway are all testaments to the productivity of our organization. To date, 66 trails have been constructed by Weber Pathways and its partners. Weber Pathways has also permanently preserved 360 acres of open space, given away 240,000 free trail maps that show 266 miles of natural surface trails and 33 miles of paved trails.

Weber Pathways is proud to host “TrailFest” every year where families can enjoy Weber County’s expansive network of urban trails and enjoy organized activities along the Centennial Trail that includes trail etiquette, free tubing on the Ogden River, science learning projects, digging for “fossils” and making a plaster cast near Eccles Dinosaur Park, and so much more.

Weber Pathways is actively engaged in Active Transportation projects to provide safer bike and pedestrian routes that are required by 2050 to meet Utah’s expectation for quality of life.

Jacob Rheuban
Jacob Rheuban