Advocacy and Giving

We started Prevelo because we love seeing our own kids enjoy the outdoors on their bikes.  We think we make pretty awesome bikes.  But that's not enough.  Kids also need awesome places to ride their bikes.  So from the beginning Prevelo Bikes has been committed to supporting organizations that are working to make the world more bike friendly, to open up spaces for bikes, and to preserve outdoor areas for our children to explore and enjoy.

When you buy Prevelo, a portion of the purchase price goes to support these efforts.  And if you want to give more, we encourage you to click through and contribute directly to these organizations.  Or if you are feeling super jazzed about making the world more bike friendly for kids, find a local organization that is working to improve bicycling conditions or trail access and lend a hand or kick in a few dollars.  They'll appreciate it.  And our children will reap the benefits.


Causes Prevelo Proudly Supports


people for bikes

People for Bikes

Prevelo Bikes proudly supports People for Bikes 

People for Bikes helps communities quickly build better places to ride. Their Community Grants Program provides financial support for some of these projects. Their Bike Network Analysis tool helps cities and towns identify and correct weak spots in their bike networks.

People for Bikes works with federal, state and local leaders to advance bike project funding and pro-bike laws. They develop Congressional champions and monitor all 50 state legislatures and support the work of state and local advocacy groups. As a result, over the last 20 years, government agencies have invested nearly $20 billion to build thousands of miles of new bikes lanes, paths and trails.

Join the cause by joining People for Bikes.

league of american bicyclists bicycle friendly business

League of American Bicyclists

The League of American Bicyclists vision is a nation where everyone recognizes and enjoys the many benefits and opportunities of bicycling.

The League's mission is to lead the movement to create a Bicycle Friendly America for everyone with a commitment to listen and learn, define standards and share best practices to engage diverse communities and build a powerful, unified voice for change.

Prevelo Bikes is a League of American Bicyclists recognized Silver Bicycle Friendly BusinessSM

Prevelo Bikes joins a cutting-edge group of over 1,100 local businesses, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies across the United States that are transforming the American workplace.

Bicycle Friendly Business is a Service Mark of the League of American Bicyclists; used with permission.

san diego mountain biking association

San Diego Mountain Biking Association

The San Diego Mountain Biking Association (SDMBA) works to improve trail access for mountain biking in San Diego, California.

The SDMBA is a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining and improving sustainable trail access for mountain biking in San Diego County. Formed in 1994, SDMBA is one of the largest regional trail advocacy organizations in the US with more than 1,100 members.

whatcom mountain biking coalition

Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition

The Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition (WMBC) is a federal non-profit, 501(c)3, organization. They work with many diverse groups such as land managers, elected officials and educational institutions to promote continued and expanded access for mountain biking and cycling.

Every year the WMBC coordinates hundreds of volunteers amounting to thousands of volunteer hours to build and maintain the trails in Whatcom County, in Northwest Washington State. They also coordinate the construction and maintenance of the Civic Field Dirt Jump Park.

They have a strong youth involvement and work with the Bellingham School District, Lummi Nation Tribal School, Mt Baker School District, Ferndale School District, Boy Scouts of America for Eagle Scout Projects, among others.

Bikin' Dads Adventures

Bikin’ Dads initially began as a dream, a dream on how to help Dad’s in the Charlotte region strengthen their relationships with their children & how together we can make that difference.

Bikin' Dads was founded with hopes to encourage area fathers to be more involved in the lives of their children. Bikin’ Dads Adventures hopes to be able to provide a core group of volunteers who expressed the same passion towards empowering today’s youth through the various positive effects of having that father figure in their lives throughout our activities.

northwest trail alliance

Northwest Trail Alliance

Northwest Trail Alliance is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization based in Portland, Oregon. They are one of the Northwest’s leading mountain bike advocacy and trail stewardship groups. Created in 1988 as a grassroots club of local riders, focused on maintaining bike access to Forest Park – Portland’s renown urban park -, they have grown into a regional advocacy group, stewarding trails and advocating for trail access across a wide radius around Portland; from Forest Park and Powell Butte within the city limits of Portland, to the southern foothills of Mount St Helens, to the western slopes of Mount Hood, to Tillamook State Forest and Scappoose.

walk n rollers logo

Walk N' Rollers

Walk ‘n Rollers was founded with the simple mission to encourage children to walk and bike to school more frequently. Kids walking and biking to school means more active, focused students, and less traffic and pollution around school sites. But kids also learn valuable life lessons including responsibility, time management, good decision making, traffic and community awareness.

Walk ‘n Rollers focuses on helping schools develop Safe Routes to School programming, school-based safety education and community bicycle skills workshops throughout the Los Angeles region.

Their approach engages students, parents, administrators, civic and business leaders, and community members. Working to a school’s or community’s capacity, they incorporate Safe Routes to School best practices, safety instruction, fun activities, rewards programs and proven marketing techniques crafted to address each school’s individual concerns.

Weber Pathways

Weber Pathways' is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to plan, promote, construct, and protect non-motorized public trails and related open space in the greater Weber County, UT area.

Founded in 1995, Weber Pathways vision is to build trails that create a culture where all have places to walk, run and ride as they enjoy nature and connect with their neighbors in the greater Weber County area.

Weber Pathways has invested and advocated for building trails that improve the quality of life and economic vitality in the Weber County area. The success of the Weber River Parkway, Rail Trail, Northern Bonneville Shoreline Trail, the Pineview Loop Pathway and western portion of the Ogden River Parkway are all testaments to the productivity of our organization. To date, 66 trails have been constructed by Weber Pathways and its partners. Weber Pathways has also permanently preserved 360 acres of open space, given away 240,000 free trail maps that show 266 miles of natural surface trails and 33 miles of paved trails.

Weber Pathways is proud to host “TrailFest” every year where families can enjoy Weber County’s expansive network of urban trails and enjoy organized activities along the Centennial Trail that includes trail etiquette, free tubing on the Ogden River, science learning projects, digging for “fossils” and making a plaster cast near Eccles Dinosaur Park, and so much more.

Weber Pathways is actively engaged in Active Transportation projects to provide safer bike and pedestrian routes that are required by 2050 to meet Utah’s expectation for quality of life.

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