Alpha One and Alpha Two Assembly Instructions

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Step 1: Attach Handlebar to Stem

Using the supplied 5mm hex key, unscrew the four bolts holding the stem face plate to the stem and remove the stem face plate.

Remove Stem Faceplate Kids Bike Prevelo


Position the handlebars on the stem. Center the handlebars. Make sure the cables are on the front of the bike as illustrated.

Attach Handlebars Kids Bike Prevelo


Reattach the stem face plate with the four bolts. Use the supplied 5MM wrench to tighten firmly (6NM of torque).


NOTE:  Tighten the bolts in an X pattern as illustrated. As you tighten, pay attention to the gap between the stem and stem face plate. The gap on the top should be even with the gap on the bottom


Attach Stem Faceplate Prevelo Kids Bike


Step 2: Attach Pedals

Screw the pedals into the pedal holes in the crank arms and tighten with the supplied 15mm wrench.


NOTE:  The pedals come labeled with "R" and "L" stickers to indicate right and left.  The left pedal is reverse threaded and must be turned counterclockwise to tighten.


Attach Pedals Kids Bike Prevelo


Step 3: Adjust Seat Height

Release the seat tube quick release by pulling the lever to the right side of the bike

Kids Bike Open Seat Clamp Prevelo


Adjust the seat height


For tips on how to set the optimum seat height for a young rider, please read: Kids Bike Fit


Kids Bike Adjust Seat Height Prevelo


Close the quick release lever completely.


NOTE:  If the seat post clamp is either too tight or too loose, adjust tightness using the bolt on the left side of the clamp


Kids Bike Close Seat Post Clamp Prevelo


Pre-ride Check

Before each and every ride, be sure to check the following for the rider:
  1. Make sure all bicycle components are tightened and free of debris.
  2. Check air pressure in both tires.
  3. Make sure the axle bolts/nuts or quick release fittings on the wheels are tight and properly secured.
  4. Make sure the saddle is properly positioned.  Generally, for young riders we recommend the saddle be adjusted so that the rider can get both feet on the ground.  Consult our bike fit guide.
  5. Make sure the brakes are working. Rider should be able to operate the brakes easily while seated. Make sure the rider understands how to use the brakes. All Prevelo pedal bikes have front and rear handbrakes.  The Alpha Zero has only a rear hand brake.  The Alpha One has an additional coaster (pedal) brake.  Ask the rider to demonstrate the ability to brake by starting and stopping several times in a safe location.
  6. Make sure the rider's helmet is secured properly.