Alpha Four

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Engineered for Kids
Designed specifically for kids.
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Each bike is checked & tuned prior to shipment.
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Includes all the tools you need & easy instructions.

Loaded with Features Obsessively Thought Out for Kids



Size Guide

Prevelo Bike Sizing

Getting your kids the right size bike is important and, fortunately, also easy. You just need two pieces of information about your little rider:

  • Inseam
  • Rider Experience

Measuring Inseam

  1. Have the rider stand against a wall, hold a book between their legs so that it is firmly against their crotch  and the wall (the same place their bicycle seat will be).
  2. Measure the distance from the floor to the top of the book.
Prevelo Bike Inseam Kid

Rider Experience

Children who are learning are more sensitive to bicycle height than children who already know how to ride a bike. If the rider is new we recommend erring on the side of a smaller bike.  If the rider is experienced and confident, it is OK to err on the side of a larger bike.


We include ride age as guidance for our bikes as a quick reference. But because riders of the same age can have very different sizes, inseam is a more reliable size indicator than age.

    ModelMin InseamMax Inseam
    Alpha Zero12½ in16½ in
    Alpha One14 in17½ in
    Alpha Two15½ in22 in
    Alpha Three19 in23 in
    Alpha Four23 in28 in
    Alpha Five25 in30 in
    Zulu One14 in17 in
    Zulu Two16 in22 in
    Zulu Three21 in26 in
    Zulu Four24 in29 in
    Zulu Five25 in31 in

    What the Bike Media is Saying

    "The alpha series from Prevelo are neighborhood bikes that punch above their intended use. The geometry lends itself to ripping up trails as much as it does flying around the cul-de-sac. Everything is spot on from the tires, to the brakes to the handlebars. You will not be disappointed in such a refined kids bike that can do it all very well."

    two wheeling tots

    " The perfect mix of road warrior and basic all-terrain cruiser, the Alpha Four is built with kid-specific geometry for a precise, comfortable fit.....The Prevelo Alpha series is an exceptional line of bikes for eager young riders. Lightweight with a low-center-of-gravity, the Alphas are fun and easy to ride."

    Alpha Four Assembly

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      United States

      Our grandson loves the Alpha 4

      My grandson loves the Alpha 4. The low seat height allows him to put his feet on the ground even with the 24" tires. Your design gives him all the confidence he needed as a young rider and great components made our decision for the bike well worth it. Some of the best time I spend with my grandchildren is when we go bike riding together. I am very pleased with the purchase and highly recommend Prevelo bikes to other grandparents and parents, you will not be disappointed.

      Dmitry R.
      United States

      Fast,light, and well-built bike for your kid,

      How much does your kid weigh? My 8 year-old is barely over 50 pounds when he is wet. 20” bikes from the big box stores, while bright and colorful, were tipping the scales at 35 to 40 pounds! Converting this to the adult scales would equate to me riding a 150 lb bicycle – not something that I would be willing or capable of doing. Prevelo’s Alpha Four comes in at feather-light 21 pounds – my kid can pick it up and even hang it on the rack on his own. The bike arrived within a week of placing the order – a bit faster than I expected it since we do live in Texas (long way from California) and it was shipped via ground parcel service. The packaging was sturdy and protected the precious cargo well. The bike came mostly assembled – all we had to do was install the pedals, handlebar, and the front wheel. All the tools for the assembly came in the box and the instructions were clear. During the first ride alongside my son I realized that I was in trouble! I could barely keep up with him on my 24” road bike! From that point on I actually have to push myself on our bike rides – he is fast! The two-lever shift mechanism is easy to learn, the break levers are proper size for his small hands, and the spacing between the saddle and the handle bar fits him just right. The bike is very well built. The shift and brake cables are hidden inside the frame and the frame tubing is welded using full-*********** welds. Silver paint is not as colorful as on other kid's bikes, but it gives it an "adult" feel which also appeals to my son. This bicycle should last my son a few years and will be passed on to his younger brother when the time comes. However, I am not sure that my youngest one will want to wait that long – he has been requesting a Prevelo bike of his own for some time now.

      Prevelo Bikes  ReviewPrevelo Bikes  Review
      Jason W.
      United States

      The best bike for kids!

      My almost-9 year old had never successfully ridden a bike before in his life. We bought him a nice bike when he turned 8 and tried to teach him with it. It was difficult for him, he got frustrated and eventually gave up, telling himself he would never be able to ride a bike. We recently had him try a Prevelo bike, which he literally picked up in minutes; it was so much easier for him to learn on. Now he goes out riding without effort. Thank you, Prevelo!

      Scott M.

      Best Gift For My Son

      This bike has been the greatest gift for my son and he rides it every day. He was hesitant to use the gears at first; but it took him about 5 minutes to learn and now switches gears with ease. What we love the most is the durability on some of the rugged courses in our neighborhood. Great buy.

      United States

      9-year-old LOVES this bike.

      My son loves it, light weight, and the trigger-style gears are much easier for him. He asks me to go for rides now, and we're able to go for 8-mile jaunts no problem. He's 9 years old and was late to learn, but this bike made it so easy to learn, and fun to ride.