Built for Kids

Prevelo’s Signature Confidence Inspiring Low Geometry

We found that when young riders are closer to the ground they are less apprehensive learners and more confident and agile riders. The Prevelo Bikes design philosophy places the rider close to the ground. Prevelo bikes feature low minimum seat heights and low bottom brackets (that’s the part of the bike the pedals spin around).

girl riding bike


Kid Engineered Cranks and Bottom Brackets

Prevelo bikes feature specially designed short crank arms. These short crank arms make the ride comfortable and efficient in conjunction with Prevelo’s low minimum saddle height. They also provide increased pedal ground clearance in conjunction with the low bottom brackets. The Q-Factor on Prevelo bikes (the horizontal distance between the pedals) is ultra narrow – 131mm on the Alpha One, Alpha Two, Alpha Three, Alpha Four and Zulu Three and 140mm on the Zulu Four. The narrow Q-Factors make the bikes easier and more comfortable for young riders to straddle.

kid size crank


Built Kid Tough

Kids are tough. And they aren’t easy on their bikes. So Prevelo bikes are built to be tough. From the durable, enclosed, steel plate reinforced drop outs on the Alpha One and Alpha Two, to the ultra rigid aluminum chainstay yoke on the Zulu Three and Zulu Four, Prevelo bikes frames feature the types of robust design details found on BMX race bikes and high performance mountain bikes.

bicycle rear dropout


Rounded Axle Bolts

The Alpha Zero, Alpha One (except on coaster brake hub) and Alpha Two feature rounded axle bolts. Ordinarily axle nuts have harsh edges that jut out from the axles. These bolts don’t. It’s one less place for kids to scrape themselves.

prevelo rounded axle bolts


Third Party Tested for Chemicals

All substrates and surface coatings on Prevelo bikes are tested for lead and all composites are tested for phthalates. All testing is performed by an independent accredited third party laboratory.



Kid Sized Hand Brakes

All Prevelo pedal bikes feature front and rear hand brakes (the Alpha Zero balance bike has a rear hand brake). Unlike coaster brakes, hand brakes allow the rider to apply brakes even when the rider’s feet are off the pedals. So the rider can get feet off the pedals and brace for a stop without sacrificing braking ability. Prevelo bikes feature brake levers sized for kids with adjustable reach so brakes levers can be dialed in for each young rider’s hands.

bicycle brake lever


Right Components.
Genuine Components.

Every component was carefully selected to provide the best riding experience for kids and excellent value. Prevelo bikes feature v-brakes, Shimano drive trains, hydraulic disc brakes and Suntour and HEIR air forks. Everything on Prevelo bikes is genuine. Suspension forks are child tuned air forks, not coil spring look-a-likes. The disc brakes are real hydraulic disc brakes optimized for children. The geared bikes all have wide span gearing that give young riders truly useful range to cover a variety of terrains.

heir kids mountain bike fork


Wide Gear Ranges

If kids are going to be on a geared bike, they should have a truly useful range of gears. The Alpha Three and Alpha Four feature wide range 11-34T gearing so young riders will have plenty of gear for spinning up those tough hills. Zulu Three bikes feature short cage Shimano ZEE rear derailleurs to maximize ground clearance with small wheels over rough terrain, while providing a useful 11-36T range.  And the Zulu Four is available with an SLX derailleur with 11-46T gearing.

bicycle cassette


Lightweight Design

At Prevelo we believe that a lighter weight bike is a safer bike. A lighter weight bike is easier to control. And when spills happen, with a lighter weight bike there is less mass involved in the spill. We think that’s a good thing. All Prevelo frames and rigid forks are made of lightweight heat treated 6061 aircraft grade aluminum alloy. Prevelo cranks, hubs, rims, handlebars and brake levers are all constructed of lightweight aluminum.


Internally Routed Cables

All Prevelo bikes feature internal cable routing. This design keeps the cables away from young riders fingers reducing the risk of damage that could impede brake performance. It also keeps young riders hands and legs safe from getting tangled or poked by any loose or frayed cables.

prevelo internal cable routing


Sealed Bearings

All Prevelo bikes feature sealed bearing bottom brackets. Because kids rides through mud and muck and don’t clean their bikes, we built Prevelo bottom brackets to keep the dirt out. The headset and hubs also feature durable, maintenance free, silky smooth bearings.



Quick Adjust Seat Height to Keep Up with Growing Kids

All Prevelo bikes feature quick adjust seat post clamps. Seat height can be adjusted quickly, easily, and without tools. So when kids are ready for a higher seat, you can accommodate them in seconds. The lever is specially designed to wrap tightly around the seat tube and stay out of the way of young pedaling legs.

bicycle tool less seat post clamp


Five Year Warranty

All Prevelo frames and rigid forks are backed by our 5 year limited warranty. Ride it with confidence and pass it down.

5 year limited warranty