Accessibility Statement

Ongoing Accessibility Efforts

Prevelo Bikes is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for people with disabilities. We are continually improving the user experience for everyone, and applying the relevant accessibility standards.  Our web site has been designed and tested to be in compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Summary of Some of the Main Accessibility Features

  • Structural and navigational aids have been incorporated into the design, such as headings and landmarks.
  • All images and other non-text elements have alternative text associated with them.
  • All features are functional with a variety of input methods including mouse, keyboard, and touch.
  • Foreground/background color contrast of text and user interface elements complies with WCAG guidance for users with low vision.
  • Form elements have proper labels.
  • Data tables have header cells associated with their respective data cells.
  • Scripts and interactive components follow WCAG guidance and ARIA Authoring Practice, where appropriate.

Measures to Support Accessibility

We use a 3rd party auditor, certified by the International Association of Accessibility Professionals, to formally assess accessibility and compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).


If you encounter an accessibility issue, contact us via our contact form or at (805) 557-8300 with a description of the issue so we can address it right away!