Zulu Two

106 reviews
Go-Go Grey
Bodacious Blue
Engineered for Kids
Designed specifically for kids.
$39 shipping
in the Continental USA
Checked and Tuned
Each bike is checked & tuned prior to shipment.
Easy Assembly
Includes all the tools you need & easy instructions.

Loaded with Features Obsessively Thought Out for Kids

Customize with Options

Custom Colored Grips

Upgrade the standard black grips to your little rider's favorite color.

Installed before shipping.

HEIR Darkness Deleter Light Set

200 Lumen Headlight

15 Lumen Taillight

2 x USB charging cables

Easy to strap onto bike.


Made of brass for a pronounced sound, coated in black. 

Installed before shipping.

Rider Name Lettering

Customize your Prevelo bike with the rider's name in custom-colored lettering.

Installed before shipping.

HEIR Footport Alloy Pedals

Sealed Cartridge alloy pedals with safety domed pins that are less likely to hurt shins in a scrape.

Zulu Two Assembly

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