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Size Guide

Prevelo Bike Sizing

Getting your kids the right size bike is important and, fortunately, also easy. You just need two pieces of information about your little rider:

  • Inseam
  • Rider Experience

Measuring Inseam

  1. Have the rider stand against a wall, hold a book between their legs so that it is firmly against their crotch  and the wall (the same place their bicycle seat will be).
  2. Measure the distance from the floor to the top of the book.
Prevelo Bike Inseam Kid

Rider Experience

Children who are learning are more sensitive to bicycle height than children who already know how to ride a bike. If the rider is new we recommend erring on the side of a smaller bike.  If the rider is experienced and confident, it is OK to err on the side of a larger bike.


We include ride age as guidance for our bikes as a quick reference. But because riders of the same age can have very different sizes, inseam is a more reliable size indicator than age.

    ModelMin InseamMax Inseam
    Alpha Zero12½ in16½ in
    Alpha One14 in17½ in
    Alpha Two15½ in22 in
    Alpha Three19 in23 in
    Alpha Four23 in28 in
    Alpha Five25 in30 in
    Zulu One14 in17 in
    Zulu Two16 in22 in
    Zulu Three21 in26 in
    Zulu Four24 in29 in
    Zulu Five25 in31 in

    Alpha Three Assembly

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      Brian Y.
      United States

      Rocking the Alpha Three

      My 5-1/2 year old daughter absolutely loves her Alpha Three. The kid-friendly brakes made the transition away from coaster brakes a snap. Understanding the gears and timing took minimal coaching and then it was ON. A couple clicks of the thumb you’re climbing up a hill with ease, push back with your index finger and you’re racing Daddy home! My daughter absolutely loves her Alpha Three and I would highly recommend the Prevelo line of bikes for all stages of young riders. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks again Prevelo! -Brian and Avery

      Prevelo Bikes  Review
      Chad R.
      United States

      Great little bike for a growing cyclist

      I bought this bike for my 5 yr old son who started on a 14" wheeled bike. Height wise he is just at the minimum for this bike, both in height and inseam. I didn't want to spend the money on a 16" wheeled bike that he might quickly out grow. The Alpha Three's frame is very accommodating, and will fit him as he continues to grow. It is truly a gorgeous looking bike. Right out of the box everything worked great. I only had to adjust the reach on the brake levers for his smaller hands. The shifting works great, and I like that the bike uses QR skewers and a traditional seat/seatpost design. I lowered his seat and moved it forward. I'm so glad I found out about this bike as there was nothing else out there this flexible with rider size. I wish the brake levers had more of a bend in them, so he could reach them a little better without straining his hands, but I do understand that this style will be more flexible in the long run. Thanks for an amazing bike, an easy shopping experience, excellent customer service and super quick shipping.

      Prevelo Bikes  Review

      Best bike!

      We got this bike for my 5 year old. He had been riding a two-wheel pedal bike for over a year. The bike he had was getting boring for him. Not to mention, he wouldn't stand and pedal when going uphill. As soon as he got this bike, the excitement came back for him. He loves being able to switch gears! On top of that, for some reason, he has better form (stands when going uphill etc). This bike is amazing and it was worth every penny. I like for my boys to get outside and do some physical activity and this bike helps motivate him to get out there. It's well made, easy to maneuver and most importantly, fun!!

      Jason W.
      United States

      My six year old can bike now!

      My daughter was riding on a training wheel bike but could not make the transition to a regular kid's bike until we got her a Prevelo Alpha Three. It is very light and low to the ground, so she felt confident initially just balancing on it and very quickly pedaling on it. Now she can ride it easily and confidently all around. What a great bike for kids!

      Jason L.
      United States


      My son loves this bike. He’s four years old and we ride the beginner trails at the bike park together almost daily. The only thing that’d be better is if my son was tall enough for the Zulu Three. Unfortunately he was a few inches shy of the mark when he needed a new bike. But the good news is my son was tall enough for the Alpha 3! It was the only bike with 20” wheels that I could find to fit him this spring. We upgraded from a Woom 2 with 14” tires and single speed so, initially, it was a big jump up. However, my son quickly adapted and the bigger tires and gears made a huge enjoyment in our biking together. We’re riding about 100 miles per week in serious mountain terrain. Many of the trails we are riding now are rated as intermediate XC trails. This bike has made it a ton of fun to ride together. Everyday he’s keeping up better and better. My son has become my little shredder. On DH trails, he purposely finds every rock he can to ride over and even with multiple hits to various components it’s still going strong. This bike stands up to some serious punishment. We’ve had it for a number of months now with very hard daily use and it holds up. If I’d bought a department store bike it’d be trashed in a week of our riding (not to mention how unsafe it’d be for this type of riding). This bike just keeps going. In contrast to the Prevelo, I’ve seen many “name” brand kids bikes (even those made for 7 - 10 year olds) fall apart on these trails and parents constantly shelling out to fix them over and over again. That means down time from riding (and all the tears/frustrations those kids suffer) and total cost of ownership skyrocketing past the cost of our Prevelo bike. My kid may be the exception at 4 years old doing hardcore mountain biking, but he doesn’t have to be. With a little patience and a passion for biking any kid can become your best biking buddy. I wouldn’t trade anything for the memories my son and I have made this summer riding at the bike park and XC nearly everyday. If you’re hardcore like us and your kid can fit the Zulu, go for it. If they aren’t as hardcore as us and/or can’t fit the Zulu, then get this bike. You won’t be disappointed.

      Prevelo Bikes  Review