Alpha Zero

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Speed Silver
Braap Blue
Party Pink
Rapid Red
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in the Continental USA
Checked and Tuned
Each bike is checked & tuned prior to shipment.
Easy Assembly
Includes all the tools you need & easy instructions.

Loaded with Features Obsessively Thought Out for Kids

Durable Rear Stays and Reverse Mounted Rear V-Brake

Kids are going to put their bikes through the ringer, so the Alpha Zero is built kid tough with robust rear stays. And the reverse mounted v-brake lets riders start learning braking right at the beginning.

Quick Adjust Seat Height

The quick release seat post clamp makes it easy to adjust the seat height without tools.

Kid Friendly Hubs

The hubs are equipped with rounded axle bolts that minimize hard edges. And because kids are going to run their bikes through the muck, the hubs have rubber seals to keep out dirt and grime.

Kid Optimized Cockpit

This is where the little rider commands their steed. It's decked out with ultra small diameter grips and a short reach brake lever that is optimized for small hands.



Size Guide

Prevelo Bike Sizing

Getting your kids the right size bike is important and, fortunately, also easy. You just need two pieces of information about your little rider:

  • Inseam
  • Rider Experience

Measuring Inseam

  1. Have the rider stand against a wall, hold a book between their legs so that it is firmly against their crotch  and the wall (the same place their bicycle seat will be).
  2. Measure the distance from the floor to the top of the book.
Prevelo Bike Inseam Kid

Rider Experience

Children who are learning are more sensitive to bicycle height than children who already know how to ride a bike. If the rider is new we recommend erring on the side of a smaller bike.  If the rider is experienced and confident, it is OK to err on the side of a larger bike.


We include ride age as guidance for our bikes as a quick reference. But because riders of the same age can have very different sizes, inseam is a more reliable size indicator than age.

    ModelMin InseamMax Inseam
    Alpha Zero12½ in16½ in
    Alpha One14 in17½ in
    Alpha Two15½ in22 in
    Alpha Three19 in23 in
    Alpha Four23 in28 in
    Alpha Five25 in30 in
    Zulu One14 in17 in
    Zulu Two16 in22 in
    Zulu Three21 in26 in
    Zulu Four24 in29 in
    Zulu Five25 in31 in

    Alpha Zero Assembly

    What the Bike Media is Saying

    "Top Pick...Exceeds all expectations"

    two wheeling tots

    "Exceptional ★★★★★....The ultimate ride for young groms, the Prevelo Zero is superbly built from top to bottom and perfectly suited for adventure."

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      United States United States

      Alpha Zero- Great Purchase

      Our 20 month old son loves his new bike. The first thing he does when he gets home from daycare is to pat his head to put on his helmet and point to his bike. It's clear to me that the build quality on the Prevelo translates into a sense of security on the bike and rider confidence, even at such a young age. I have yet to see him shy away from hills or obstacles and he asks to get back on after taking a tumble. It took less than 10 min to setup and adjust to size. All provided instructions were clear and straightforward. Thanks for making such a great product and for your part in encouraging kids of all ages to get out there and ride.

      Prevelo Bikes Alpha Zero Review
      United States United States
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      • Rider's age in years 2

      So awesome

      We loooove this little bike. We have other kids starting to really get into mountain biking and the other balance bike we have felt so wobbly and uneasy on the dirt. This one allows him to keep up and cruise the same trails we take our other kids on. I would absolutely buy another bike from you guys!

      United States United States

      A True Bike

      First and most importantly, my 2yr old daughter loves her Alpha Zero. She took to it quickly and her confidence and balance is already blowing my mind. Older kids we know, up to 7yr olds, that are learning on training wheels have learned nothing about balancing yet and are more timid than our 2yr old on her Alpha Zero. Second, I no longer work in the industry, but I am a trained and certified professional bicycle mechanic. This bike is the real deal. I would never settle for a low grade build when it comes to bicycles, even for a child. That is why I chose Prevelo.

      United States United States

      Great bike

      As a Pediatric Physical Therapist I’m always recommending balance bikes to families to work on their child’s core strength, balance, and pre bike skills. The Alpha Zero is a high quality bike that has added bonuses like a hand break feature, and low frame. Making it friendly and easy for young riders to safely get on and off. I love using the Alpha Zero at work with kids and watching their confidence and comfort with riding soar. My two young nieces love the purple color and racing their matching Alpha Zeros around the basement. Great quality bike, worth the money, cushioned and comfortable seat, ships fast to the east coast, assembles in less than 5 minutes.

      Ryan W.
      Canada Canada

      Alpha Zero

      Couldn’t be happier with the bike itself and the customer experience. You can really tell Prevelo is kid and customer focused. From the super fast response time to the person touches...these guys are doing it right!

      Prevelo Bikes Alpha Zero ReviewPrevelo Bikes Alpha Zero ReviewPrevelo Bikes Alpha Zero Review