Giro Youth Glove Size Chart

Sizing Guide for Giro Youth Gloves

Measuring Hand for Best Fit

giro youth glove sizingMeasure the length and diameter of the hand as illustrated, and use the chart to determine size.  To Measure:
1.  Wrap the tape measure around the hand at the widest part of the palm, and lightly close the hand before taking the measurement.  This is the hand measurement ("A" in the illustration)
2.  Measure the length of the hand from the tip of the longest finger to the base of the palm at the wrist.  This is the hand length measurement ("B" on the illustration)

If you have questions about the fit of gloves, contact us.

Youth Size Palm Width Finger Length
XS 5.6" or less / 142MM or less 6.1" or less / 155MM or less
S 5.6 - 6" / 142 - 152MM 6.1 - 6.3" / 155 - 160 MM
M 6 - 6.4" / 152 6.3 to 6.5" / 160 - 165MM
L 6.4" or more / 162 MM or more 6.5" or more / 165MM or more