Holiday 2018 Back Order Status

What's up with the back orders for December 2018?

Short Story:  We are 95% sure that if you order a back ordered bike you will have in time for Christmas.  We expect back ordered and pre-order bikes to ship the week of December 10.

Long Story: Demand this fall far exceeded our projections (we're super stoked about this) leaving us a little short on supply heading into the 2018 Holiday Season (we're bummed about this).  However, more bikes are inbound as we speak (back to being super stoked). 

We know that holiday gifts are on the line and we take our responsibility to deliver seriously.  So, we want to be totally transparent.  We are waiting for an inbound shipment, which should arrive between December 7 and 10.  While there is no indication that the shipment will be delayed, until we have the bikes snug in our warehouse in California, we can't 100% guarantee the ship date.  If you back order a bike and we learn something that in any way jeopardizes Christmas delivery, we will notify you ASAP.