How Pre-Orders Work

Important info about pre-order estimated ship dates

The estimated delivery dates listed on our website are based on the best information that we have at the moment.  This year has seen a combination of sharp increase in demand and production and logistic disruptions, which makes our lead times less predictable than usual.  While we cannot control every variable, we pledge to be honest and transparent about lead times.

Please make sure you understand are are OK with this risk when placing pre-orders.

Our pledges about ship dates:

  • The ship dates that are on the website represent our honest estimate of the date that the bikes will ship on, but please understand that they are estimates and, as such, should be considered tentative.
  • We will work tirelessly to keep the bikes on schedule. It's part of our company culture to be very involved in our supply chain and to be proactive about addressing issues that could turn into delays.
  • If something happens that changes the ship date we will communicate quickly and clearly about the delay.
  • You can cancel your pre-order any time before your bike ships.

Pre-order payment policy

Your credit card will be charged immediately when you place your pre-order.

What if a model is not available for pre-order

We are already selling out of pre-orders for some models.  If you would like to be notified when a sold out bike is available, navigate to the product page for the product you would like to pre-order, click on "Notify When Available", and enter your email address.