Instructions: Install Pedals on Prevelo Bikes

Step 1:  Determine the type of pedal spindle you have

Open ended wrench spindle type (used on Alpha One, Alpha Two, Zulu One, Zulu Two)

pedal spindle tool type

Hex key spindle type (used on Alpha Three, Alpha Four, Zulu Three and Zulu Four)

pedal spindle tool type

Step 2:  Follow installation instructions that match your pedal spindle

Installation instructions for open ended wrench spindle type pedal

open ended wrench pedal installation instructions


Installation instructions for hex key spindle type pedal

hex key pedal install

⚠️IMPORTANT⚠️ Make sure to tighten the pedals firmly with a tool!  If the pedals are not well tightened with a tool, they can become disconnected from the bike during riding.