Prevelo’s Kid-Centric Engineering at Play with Launch of New Bravo Dirt Jumper

Prevelo’s Kid-Centric Engineering at Play with Launch of New Bravo Dirt Jumper

Prevelo Bikes is the only brand to offer a 16-inch dirt jumper, 20 and 24-inch also available

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Westlake Village, CALIF.) Nov 2, 2023 – Prevelo Bikes is a family-owned brand dedicated to building high-performance bikes and components made specifically for kids. The brand’s launch of the all-new Bravo Series line of dirt jump bikes is the latest example of the brand’s premium, kid-centric engineering at play. Available in three sizes—Bravo Two (16-inch) Bravo Three (20-inch) and Bravo Four (24-inch)—Prevelo is the first and only brand in the market to offer a 16-inch dirt jumper.

“The impetus for designing the Bravo might have been a touch self-serving,” says Prevelo founder and president, Jacob Rheuban. “When our city got a dirt jump park, we started spending a lot of time there with our two sons. I knew Prevelo could use our kid-focused design ethos and create a quality dirt jumper. I am even more excited we could bring the first ever 16-inch to market. We believe that dirt jump parks are fun places supported by proactive and engaged communities. More importantly, dirt jump parks are a magnet for kids and families—kids have fun, make friends and build riding skills. And parents have options they don’t have with their kids on trails; they can join their kids on the jump line, or spectate while sipping a latte. These parks are truly hubs for building dedicated riders.”

The Prevelo Bravo Series is designed with balanced geometry that’s stable over big jumps, but nimble enough to flow through tight pump tracks. Frames are built from lightweight aluminum that’s easier for small riders to send, and the parts spec is durable enough to take a beating from even the gnarliest little shredders. With tunable air forks, ultra-low and light pivotal seats, hydraulic disc brakes, and Novatec hubs laced to WTB rims, these bikes are built to the high standard that Prevelo is known for.

Prevelo Product Manager, Jim Huth, an avid rider with an affinity for dirt jumping, says the Bravo culminates a long-term vision.

“I grew up riding jumps at the local trails I built with my friends. The jumps were as sketchy as the bikes we rode. I’m envious of the bike parks our kids get to ride on, and the progression it’s giving the sport I love. My vision for the Bravo has been to build a bike that allows young riders to take full advantage of what they’re given, and to help progress our sport to levels we never thought possible.”

Available for preorder now, the brand-new Bravo Series is sure to get kids excited to pump, jump and progress on the bike.

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About Prevelo
Prevelo is a family-owned business started in 2016. Started by Jacob and Sarah Rheuban, the California-based brand is dedicated to engineering high-performance bikes and accessories for kids to ensure that this generation’s experience on two wheels is the best yet. Our bikes are engineered for kids. Our aim is to Upgrade Childhood one kid on a bike at a time.