Authorized Reseller Terms

These Authorized Reseller Terms, including all applicable terms referenced herein, (collectively, this “Agreement”) apply to the purchase and resale of Products buy Reseller located within the United States and Canada from Triunfo Sports DBA Prevelo Bikes (“Prevelo”)

Dealer’s Responsibilities:

  1. Assembly, Check and Tune: Reseller will deliver bicycles to customers fully assembled, tuned and safety checked by a competent bicycle mechanic..
  2. Maintain qualified personnel with knowledge of the specifications and features of Prevelo products.
  3. Provide post-sales support for all customers that purchase Prevelo products from Reseller.
  4. Preserve and enhance the reputation and goodwill of Prevelo and its products and avoid any illegal or unethical actions.

Pricing: The pricing on the is always the pricing in effect for current purchases. Where there is a discrepancy between pricing on and pricing in other price sheets, the pricing on shall prevail.

Non-Exclusive: Absent any other specific agreement in writing, no exclusivity or territory is granted to Reseller.

Insurance: Reseller shall carry liability insurance with an annual per occurrence limit of at least $1,000,000.

Online Sales: To preserve the brand reputation of Prevelo, Reseller shall not list Prevelo products on online marketplaces such as,, or on other websites, including reseller's own website, without prior written permission from Prevelo.

Indemnification: Reseller shall indemnify and hold Company free and harmless from any and all claims, damages, or lawsuits (including attorneys' fees) arising out of intentional or negligent acts or omissions by Reseller, its employees or agents, including without limitation any claims stemming from Reseller’s responsibilities under this Policy.

Payment: Unless otherwise agreed to in writing between Reseller and Prevelo, payment is due in full at the time that an order is placed. Note that Prevelo does not store credit card information. You will need to fill in your credit card information for each order.

: Reseller shall keep all non-public information of Prevelo strictly confidential, mainly including (1) Reseller pricing and (2) not yet public information Prevelo may make available to Reseller about future products.

MAP Policy:  Prevelo's MAP policy is available here: MAP Policy. Prevelo will monitor compliance with this policy. Prevelo may, at its own discretion, stop supplying products to any Dealer found to be in violation of the MAP Policy.  If Prevelo determines that any Dealer has violated this Policy, then Prevelo may within its sole discretion and without assuming any liability, cancel pending orders and may indefinitely refuse to accept new orders for Products.

International Shipments: Reseller's will not be responsible for any USA duties or taxes for shipments outside of the USA. Please note that the prices on do not include any duties and/or taxes. This is according to US law and is different from other jurisdictions where it is common to include VAT or other types of taxes in the price of products. Reseller's are responsible for any duties or taxes, and other import costs, imposed by the destination country. Note that offers special rates to retail customers in Canada that includes duties. Canadian resellers will pay ordinary shipping charges that do not include duties and will be responsible for Canadian import duties and taxes.