How to Straighten Bicycle Handlebar

If your bicycle handlebar is not straight, like the picture below, follow these instructions to straighten things out!

bicycle handlebar not straightCrooked Handlebars are Easy to Fix

1.  Loosen the Pinch Bolts

There are two bolts on the back size of the stem.  They face opposite directions.  These are the pinch bolts.  Loosen both pinch bolts.  You only need to loosen them a couple of turns.

stem pinch bolts
Stem Pinch Bolts

2.  Align the Handlebar with the Front Wheel

The most common method is to straddle the bike, pinch the front wheel between your legs, and rotate the handlebar until it is lined up with the front wheel.

straighten handlebar
Straighten the Handlebar

3.  Tighten the Pinch Bolts

Observe torque ratings marked on your stem. 

Alpha Zero, Alpha One, Alpha Two:  6 Nm
Alpha Three, Alpha Four:  5.2 Nm