Prevelo Outlet Bikes

Prevelo Outlet Bikes

What are Prevelo Outlet Bikes and where do they come from?

They are typically bikes that were returned, exchanged, came in from our Trade-Up program, or were used as demo or promotional bikes.


What do the the different condition grades mean?

Kids are rough on their bikes. Kids bikes get scratched and scuffed quickly. Don't worry, Prevelo bikes are built to take it and these signs of love are cosmetic. Here at Prevelo we love seeing bikes that looks like they've been ridden. If a bike is too shiny we get worried that it spent its life parked in a garage and lonely - something that we consider bike abuse.

If you aren't OK with some surprise dirt, scratches, scuffs and grime on your used bike, please consider buying new instead.

Also, the wear on all used bikes is different. So if you and a friend buy used bikes, don't expect them to arrive in the same condition. This is the nature of used bikes - every one is unique.


Good Condition:  The bike may have been ridden.  You can expect to see packaging that looks like it has been shipped before, and there might be mild signs of use like some dirt on the tires, and mild scrapes and scuffs.  Here's what to expect on Good Condition bikes:
  • Minor cosmetic scratches and scuffs, especially on the brake levers, fork, derailleur and frame dropouts
  • Minor cosmetic scuffs and wear on the pedals and grips
  • Tire wear
  • Cracked or broken gear indicators


Fair Condition: Have normal signs of use by a child.  Here's what we consider normal signs of use:

  • Significant cosmetic scratches and scuffs, especially on the brake levers, fork, derailleur and frame dropouts
  • Significant cosmetic scuffs and wear on the pedals and grips
  • Tire wear
  • Dirt and grime
  • Cracked or broken gear indicators

All Outlet Bikes, both Good and Fair Condition, are shipped in good (and safe) operating condition.


Can I see some examples of Good Condition vs Fair Condition?

Sure.  Here are some examples of each grade.  Note that every bike is unique and has it own special scratches, scuffs and other signs of love from its previous rider - these photos are just to provide a rough idea of the two grades.

Examples of Good Condition

Grade A DropoutGrade A Brake LeverGrade A Headtube

Examples of Fair Condition

Grade B DropoutGrade B Head TubeGrade B Brake LeverGrade B SaddleGrade B PedalGrade B TireGrade B Tire


Are Outlet Bikes refurbished before sending?

"Refurbished" can mean a lot of different things so we want to make sure that we are clear about what we actually do. Our goal is to make sure that your Prevelo bike is in good operating condition, not to eliminate cosmetic signs of use. We check and tune every outlet bike before shipping. This includes:

  • Adjusting brakes
  • Replacing frayed brake cables
  • Checking tires
  • Truing wheels
  • Adjusting derailleur
  • Adjusting headset
  • Checking overall bike for good operation


What is the return policy for Outlet Bikes?

You can return your Outlet Bike within 7 days for a full refund.  The shipping charge is non-refundable.  Outlet Bikes shipped outside of the continental United States are not returnable or refundable.


What are the shipping rates for Outlet Bikes?

The shipping rates for Outlet Bikes are the same as for new Prevelo Bikes.  Discounted ground shipping rates for within the continental United States are as follows:

Small Bikes Medium Bikes Large Bikes
(Alpha Zero, Alpha One, Alpha Two) (Zulu One, Zulu Two, Alpha Three, Zulu Three) (Alpha Four, Zulu Four)
Shipping Cost $29 per bike $39 per bike $49 per bike

Shipping rates to other destinations are available here: Shipping Rates 


Are Outlet Bikes eligible for the Trade-Up Club?

No, Outlet Bikes are not eligible for the Trade-Up Club.