2-Speed Auto Shift Rear Wheel

Looking to add some speed to your little rider's Alpha Two?  Our new auto-shift wheels will give your rider a 37% boost in gain ratio.

This wheel contains a two-speed internal hub. At speed the hub automatically shifts into a higher gear, giving your little rider a 37% speed boost.

Available with or without a tire and tube. If you choose to include a tire and tube we'll install the tire and tube before shipping.


The kit includes an entire rear wheel.  Installation is simple: (1) remove your existing wheel, (2) swap your tire and tube from your existing wheel onto the auto-shift wheel, (3) install the auto-shift wheel.

The 2-Speed Auto-Shift Wheel is not compatible with the Alpha One, Zulu One or Zulu Two.


Description Spec
First Gear | Gear Ratio / Gain Ratio 1.8 / 3.8
Second Gear | Gear Ratio / Gain Ratio 2.4 / 5.2
Speed at Which Shift Occurs
6.8 MPH

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