Choosing between a Bravo Series Dirt Jumper or Zulu Series Mountain Bike?

Choosing between a Bravo Series Dirt Jumper or Zulu Series Mountain Bike? - Prevelo Bikes

Decision fatigue is real! The average human makes 35,000 decisions a day. And now that Prevelo has a 3rd series of bikes, bike buying parents have one more decision to make. Specifically, a lot of parents might be trying to decide between a Bravo Series dirt jump bike and a Zulu Series mountain bike. These are very different bikes and we'll break it all down here.

Main Differences 

Bravo Series: The steeper headtube angle and a shorter chainstay result in a shorter overall wheelbase, which makes for a quick handling and playful bike. The cranks are wider and the bottom bracket is higher, giving a more stable platform for landing big jumps. 

Zulu Series: With a slack headtube angle and longer wheelbase, the Zulu is extremely stable at high speed and down steep descents. The slack headtube angle also helps the Zulu push through obstacles. The cranks on the Zulu’s are narrower for proper pedaling ergonomics to make long rides more comfortable. 

Why Buy a Bravo vs a Zulu?

Bravo Series:Your kid loves to flow through the pump track and catch some air time at the dirt jumps.

Zulu Series:Your kid loves riding your local trail network, singletrack adventures, and needs wide range gearing for varying terrain.

Can the Zulu also be used as a dirt jump bike?

Absolutely. Zulu’s have been a staple at pump tracks for years, and are 100% capable of handling jumps. But it takes more effort to send a Zulu over a double, and they’re sluggish through a tight pump track. Kids will be able to hit bigger jumps with more confidence aboard a Bravo.


Bottom line

The Bravo is a specialist at catching air time and flowing through pump tracks. The Zulu is a versatile trail bike built to plow through whatever stands in its path. Choose the bike that best fits your kids riding style, and in some cases, choose both.