How to fit your child's bicycle helmet

How to fit your child's bicycle helmet - Prevelo Bikes

Wearing a helmet is a good idea. But if a helmet doesn't fit well and isn't adjusted right, it may be less effective at protecting the rider's head. Here's our handy guide to properly getting a bike helmet on a human head.

Quick note: If the owners manual for your helmet tells you something different than what you see here, follow the owners manual.  The people that made your helmet know it better than we do.

1. Check Helmet for Damage: Inspect the helmet for any cracks in the shell or molding, worn straps and broken buckles. If any damages are found, it’s time for a new helmet.


2. Put on Helmet and Snug Retention System:  Put helmet on.  If the helmet has a rear retention system (usually a knob in the back of the helmet) snug it up by turning the knob clockwise until the helmet fits snug. NOTE: The helmet should be secure but comfortable.

    3. Check helmet angle: The helmet should not be tilted back and should sit flat on head. A good rule of thumb is the rim should be 2 fingers above your child’s eyebrow.

      4. Check and Adjust Strap Under Chin: The straps should fasten securely under the chin and not be hanging loose. The straps, although snug, should allow for two fingers under the strap. 


      5. Check and Adjust Straps around ears:  The straps around the ears should form a "V" with the bottom of the "V" just under the ear. Make sure there are no twists in straps.

      6. Check Fit: Place Hand on top of child's helmet and give it a slight shake. If helmet moves out of position easily, re-visit tightening both the retention system and the straps. If this fails, the helmet is likely too big.