Prevelo Bikes Announces New NFT Kids Bikes

Prevelo Bikes Announces New NFT Kids Bikes - Prevelo Bikes

Prevelo Bikes is excited to announce our new Prevelo NFT Kids Bikes built with blockchain technology. Now your kids can have both a Prevelo physical bike made of aluminum and a Prevelo NFT Kids Bike made of digital.

"What an exciting time to be a child!" says Stiles Jetson, Director of Prevelo's new Blockchain Division. "For the first time in history we are giving parents and children an alternative to physical kids the form of a digital bike. Prevelo NFT Kids Bikes™ are based on non-fungible token technology. That means they are totally non-fungible. In fact, every Prevelo NFT Kids Bike™ is individually certified to make sure that it contains zero fungibility.  And unlike physical kids bikes, Prevelo NFT Kids Bikes require absolutely no maintenance.  You never have to lubricate the chain, or replace the tires. And they are ultra portable - you can literally access them from your smart phone device."

Prevelo NFT Kids Bikes will be available starting April 1 and will range in price from $10,000 to $50,000.

"We realize that parents may think this is a lot to spend for a bike for their child. We still live in a very physical bike centric culture. But you have to realize that most physical bikes don't last more than one generation.  Prevelo NFT Kids Bikes last an eternity - they can be owned and enjoyed by your great-great-great-great-great grand children. So over time Prevelo NFT Kids Bikes™ offer outstanding valuesays Stiles Jetson.

Prevelo is also working on a technology to print Prevelo NFT Kids Bikes onto a vinyl substrate that can be attached to physical kids bikes with an adhesive, thereby making the physical kids bike part of the Blockchain.

"We're also working on a new portal to allow child and parents to order custom built Prevelo NFT Kids Bikes™ to their spec." Jetson continued. "Since Prevelo NFT Kids Bikes™ are made of digital, we can do absolutely amazing customizations.  For example, we have one family with a 4 year old who absolutely adores french toast. With physical bikes the best that we can offer that child is a bike with french toast prints on it and an attached water bottle full of maple syrup.  But with Prevelo NFT Kids Bikes™ we can literally construct the entire bike of digital french toast. It's all about giving children the exact bike they want to make sure that we nurture their passion for cycling."