How We Build Kids Bikes Tough Enough for Kids

How We Build Kids Bikes Tough Enough for Kids - Prevelo Bikes

Kids are tough on stuff. They dish out a unique kind of abuse on things. Their shoes get worn through, their clothing gets shredded, and their bikes take a beating. Kids regularly jump their bikes off curbs, brake hard, and when they are done, throw their bike on the ground. Prevelo Bikes are uniquely built to handle this unique form of bike abuse.

Robust Frame Design

Prevelo frames are strong and designed with a unique balance of toughness and lightness. All our frames are made with custom formed 6061 alloy tubing. Since speed Prevelo bikes have forged rear dropouts that shroud the rear axles, protecting them from damage. And the compact frame geometry is extremely durable. We talk with a painful number of parents that have run over their Prevelo bike with their cars. Often components are damaged but the frame is scratched but unbent (NOTE: don't run over your Prevelo with your car - it's not covered under warranty).

forged rear dropout
Forged Rear Dropouts
compact geo
Compact Frame Geometry

Tough Components

Prevelo bikes are equipped with components designed for the rigors of kid riding. Many bikes feature dual alloy chain ring guards to protect fingers from chainrings, and chainrings from curbs. You'll also see touches like overbuilt stems to make sure the connection between the handlebar and bikes stays secure.

dual alloy chainring guard
Dual Alloy Chainring Guard
overbuild stem
Overbuilt HEIR Stem

Fanatical Quality Control

Part of making sure bikes are tough is being tough on quality control. Every bike purchased on checked, prepped and tuned by a professional bike technician at our shop in Westlake Village, California, before we ship it out. Our bar for quality control is high, and so is our bar for techs. Prevelo technicians have a minimum of 5 years of professional bicycle mechanic experience and average over 10 years of professional bicycle mechanic experience.

prevelo bike tech