Kids Bicycle Safety ABC QUICK CHECK

Kids Bicycle Safety ABC QUICK CHECK

The ABC QUICK CHECK is an easy and effective way to ensure your kiddo’s bike is in safe working order. If you find something of concern during the check and you are not confident in making the repairs yourself, head to your local bike shop.


B is for BRAKES

  • Squeeze and release brakes to insure proper function.
    • Brakes should be able to lock up both wheels.
    • Lever should snap back upon release.
    • Insure lever is not touching bar upon maximum pull.  If lever does touch the bar, then the brakes lightly need to be tightened (if they are cable brakes) or bled (if they are hydraulic brakes).
  • Visually inspect brake pads for wear and make sure they align with rim or brake rotor.

C is for CHAIN, CRANKS, CASSETTE (if derailleur started with a C , it would be here too)

  • Is chain lubricated?
  • Are cranks and pedals tight and spinning freely (try to move side-to-side and up and down)?
  • Does the chain move up and down the cassette properly when changing gears?

QUICK is for QUICK RELEASE (or Axle)

  • Ensure front and rear axle quick release are tight and flush with fork/frame. Many Prevelo bikes have axles bolts, nuts or skewers with allen heads. Whatever hardware secures the wheels to the bike, its a smart idea to make sure they are tight!  Also, this is a good time to double check the tightness of the quick release at the seat post.

CHECK is for overall CHECK

  • Lift bike an inch or two off the ground and drop. Any rattle or unusual sound may indicate something is loose and needs attention.

If you see anything concerning on your Prevelo bike, or if you are unsure, please either contact us or your local bike shop!