HEIR Darkness Deleter™ Light Set

Designed to strike fear into the heart of darkness. But also effective at making young riders more visible at night. Each set includes:

  • 200 Lumen Headlight
  • Taillight
  • 2 x USB charging cables


Daytime Flashing Function
Extra flashy for extra safety, even during the day
USB Rechargable
Includes USB charging cables
Adjustable Brightness
Headlight adjustable from mild to bright
Splash Strong
IPX 5 splash resistant
MEASUREMENT Headlight Taillight
Size 59mm x 32mm x 23.5mm 38.5mm x 29.5mm x 25mm
Weight 53 grams 17.8 grams
Brightness 200 lumens 15 lumens
Battery Rechargable Lithium-ion Polymer Rechargable Lithium-ion Polymer
Functions and Battery Life Constant: 8hrs, Boost: 4hrs, Super Brigh: 2hrs, Pulsating: 8hrs, Daytime Flashing: 3.5hrs, Adjustable Lighting: 1~8hrs Constant: 4hrs, Flashing1: 70hrs, Flashing 2: 8hrs, Daytime Flashing: 15 hrs
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