HEIR Fork Service Parts

Everything you need for the routine service of your HEIR Fork.

Use the handy diagram below to identify the kit you need.  If you order a damper kit, please make sure you select the size that matches your fork.

Note that while these parts may work on forks from other manufacturers, Prevelo does not guarantee that they will fit forks that are not HEIR brand forks.

Kit Includes
Seal Kit A, Dust Wipers, B. Air Shaft O-Rings, C. Crush Washers/O-Rings, D. Air Valve
Damper Kit E. Damper Assembly, F. Dial Ball & Spring
Retaining Bolt Kit G. Damper-side Retaining Nut Assembly, H. Air-side Retaining Nut Assembly, I. Rebound Knob

heir fork parts diagram
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